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Full-Body Cryotherapy

Look, Perform, And Feel Your Best With Full-Body Cryotherapy Sessions

Experience a full-body refresh with Full-Body cryotherapy at Cryoworx!

The intense cold from our advanced cryotherapy chamber can reduce pain, boost your mood & energy, accelerate recovery, and much more. Cryotherapy is nothing new, we just do it better.

Benefits Of Full-BodyCryotherapy

With whole-body cryotherapy, your body can feel and perform its best! Some of the top benefits are:

Chronic Pain Relief

Improve Signs of Aging

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Tighten Skin & Reduce Cellulite

Improves Mood & Energy Levels

Rapidly Burn Calories

What is Cryotherapy?

With temperatures as low as -140 degrees Celsius, our cryotherapy chamber submerges your entire body in extreme cold to spark a fight or flight response. While your endorphins are rushing from the response, blood flow slows, inflammation reduces, and nutrient-rich blood is given back to the vital organs. 

In just a few minutes, the intense cold temperatures can provide immediate and sustained benefits, giving you the energy and relief to power through your day!


Increase Your Performance

Cryotherapy is the ultimate post-workout recovery for sore, achy muscles. Intense cold temperatures reduce inflammation and send blood to the body’s core, helping you recover faster.

Take Beauty to the Next Level

Who needs needles, serums, and artificial substances when you have cryotherapy? Reduce cellulite, burn calories, tighten skin, diminish wrinkles, and look more youthful using a natural process.

Improve your Wellness

Cryotherapy has been shown to improve sleep patterns, battling insomnia and other sleep disorders. Individuals have also experienced reduced anxiety, stress, and improved immune function.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy FAQ

How Often Can I Utilize Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy treatments can be performed as often as twice per day if you choose! While many of our patients can’t fit that into their schedule, we do recommend frequent full-body cryotherapy sessions for the best outcome.

Is Cryotherapy Safe For Everyone?

While most individuals can participate in full-body cryotherapy sessions, there are some restrictions based on current health. Those who are pregnant, have extremely high blood pressure, or have other serious conditions should consult a doctor before their cryotherapy session.

What Types Of Pain Does Cryotherapy Help WIth?

WBC (Whole-Body Cryotherapy) has been shown to alleviate chronic pain from nerve damage, arthritis, and other conditions. Cryotherapy can also improve muscle soreness and pain related to exercising and injury by reducing swelling and inflammation. Talk to our team about the pain-relieving benefits of cryotherapy!