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Cryoworx Frequently Asked Questions
How Often Can I Use Cryotherapy?

Our safe, efficient cryotherapy equipment can be utilized up to twice per day based on the patient’s desired result. While many of our patients can’t fit that into their schedule, we do recommend frequent full-body cryotherapy sessions for the best outcome. Talk to a Cryoworx team member and create a cryotherapy treatment schedule that fits your schedule and provides the desired outcome.

Can Cryotherapy Improve Skin’s Appearance?

Both localized and whole-body cryotherapy can improve the appearance and elasticity of skin, which is why cryo facials are so popular! With cryotherapy, you can diminish acne and other blemishes, tighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, and boost collagen production for a fuller, more youthful look.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

The intense cold produced by Cryoworx’ Penguin and Arctic cryotherapy machines, which perform localized and whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), decrease inflammation and swelling to improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood cells. 

Local cryotherapy treatments isolate the extreme temperatures to a target area, while whole-body sessions engulf you completely in the sub-zero cold. Talk to our knowledgeable team to find out which option is best for your desired outcome!

What Types Of Pain Does Cryotherapy Help WIth?

WBC (Whole-Body Cryotherapy) has been shown to alleviate chronic pain from nerve damage, arthritis, and other conditions. Cryotherapy can also improve muscle soreness and pain related to exercising and injury. By reducing swelling and inflammation, cryotherapy circulates oxygen-rich blood more efficiently, helping the body heal more efficiently. 

Where Can I Use Local Cryotherapy?

Localized cryotherapy treatments can be used on most areas of the body to achieve a multitude of results. Patients have seen positive results using cryotherapy on:

Face- Cryotherapy sessions apply intense cold temperatures deep into the skin, tightening pores, reducing wrinkles, and increasing collagen production.

Arms, Shoulders, Legs, & Back- Individuals can alleviate sore, stiff back and shoulder muscles with cryotherapy. Increases in mobility and function have been seen with consistent treatment.

Wrist, Elbows, Knees & Ankles- Cryotherapy can minimize swelling and inflammation to promote mobility and has been shown to treat conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis.

Head & Neck- By soothing inflammation and swelling in the neck, patients can alleviate stress-stiffness, migraines, and nerve pain.

What Should I Wear During Cryotherapy Sessions?

For localized treatments, individuals should ensure that the target area can be reached easily, so clothing should depend on the treatment area that will be worked on. Full-body cryotherapy sessions require males to wear dry bathing suits or underwear, while females may be fully nude or leave their underwear on. Following these guidelines will ensure a safe, effective treatment!

When Will I See Results From Cryotherapy?

While many of the resulting benefits of cryotherapy can be seen and felt immediately after your first session, some results may take 2-3 weeks to start appearing. Because cryotherapy serves so many purposes, the best way to estimate your treatment timeline is to discuss your desired results with our knowledgeable staff. By doing so, we can create a schedule that works for you and has the ideal outcome.

Does Cryotherapy Work For Weight Loss?

While cryotherapy does help individuals improve metabolism and burn calories, it should not be used as a means for significant weight loss. As patients participate in frequent whole-body cryotherapy sessions, fat loss is increased due to a metabolic spike. The body is forced to work extra hard during intense cold exposure.