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Full-Body & Localized Cryotherapy for

Superior Health & Wellness

What Is Cryotherapy?

Simple & Easy

Cryotherapy (cold therapy) harnesses intensely cold temperatures to limit blood flow in an area, reducing inflammation and alleviating chronic pain symptoms. With Glendale cryotherapy treatments, individuals can reduce pain, improve mood and energy, lower blood pressure, provide immune support, and even aid in medical treatments- One simple session at a time!

Decrease Swelling & Inflammation

By restricting blood vessels, intense cold therapy can minimize swelling, inflammation, and even soreness.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Slow your heart rate, relax, and minimize anxiety levels in our state of the art cryotherapy chamber.

Alleviate Pain & Discomfort

Use the healing power of cryotherapy to Reduce pain caused by chronic illnesses, nerve damage, migraine, and more.

Improve Mood & Energy

A rush of adrenaline and endorphins caused by the body’s fight or flight response promotes a positive mood and increased energy levels.

Cryotherapy For Beauty

Amazing health benefits

Cryotherapy has phenomenal health benefits, but did you know that cold therapy can help with weight loss, cellulite reduction, and reignite your collagen production? Your Glendale cryotherapy sessions can also shrink pores, tighten skin, and improve elasticity for a healthy, beautiful glow.

Cryotherapy Is The Ultimate Non-Invasive Treatment For Health, Wellness, andBeauty

What Is Cryotherapy Used For In Glendale, AZ?

Reduce pore size, tighten skin, shed pounds, and glow with cryotherapy in Glendale, AZ.

Find an elevated state of health and wellness with the rejuvenating powers of cold therapy.

Intense cold therapy can assist in the treatment of numerous medical conditions.

Using Intense cold, cryotherapy limits blood flow to a targeted area, minimizing swelling and inflammation. If you think ice packs are handy for stiff joints, injuries, chronic pains, and other ailments wait until you try cryotherapy!